Communication is great, but action is better. Our campaigns are grounded in visual media projects aiming to incite change. We bring conservation challenges in front of the right audiences to make a long-term impact.

Habitat Protection

Destruction, degradation, fragmentation all reduce the chance of survival for a broad range of species. The first step to wildlife conservation is habitat protection. Creatives for Conservation focuses on supporting the protection and restoration of endangered environments locally and regionally.

Wildlife Conservation

Over one million species are at risk for extinction. Poaching, culling, pollution, and climate change all contribute to the loss of biodiversity and disappearance of ecosystems. Creatives for Conservation engages in visualizing these challenges to a broad range of audiences to influence policy change and the protection of species under threat.

Community Support

Communities have an important role to play in biodiversity conservation. Local development, education and social adhesion all contribute towards the peaceful coexistence of humans and wildlife. Creatives for Conservation highlights community stories to drive systems enabling wildlife and communities to live side by side.

Current Campaigns

Above Sea Level

Above Sea Level is a documentary highlighting the problems and potential solutions of marine plastic pollution in Germany. Glancing above the water surface, we reveal the repercussions of marine waste on coastal wildlife and communities. Most importantly, we show that this issue is prevalent in front of our doorstep, rather than just in developing countries.


#ProtectTheWild is an ongoing campaign in partnership with NGOs and creatives. Its purpose is to raise funds for select wildlife sanctuaries that work towards conserving endangered species. Profits from artwork sales are used to support wildlife conservation, protection and rescue efforts at select non-profit organizations and charities.

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