At Creatives for Conservation, our mission is to drive change through visual activism.

Conservation stories, told by creatives.

Creatives for Conservation strives to bring together photographers, filmmakers, writers, journalists, and conservationists. Collectively, we aim to raise awareness, educate and take action to support wildlife and nature conservation on an international scale. We believe that together we are stronger. That our creative projects can make a difference. That storytelling is a powerful medium. And that together, our voices can echo louder.

Our Story

Creatives for Conservation was founded in 2020 by conservation photographer and filmmaker, Lana Tannir. With increasing transparency on conservation issues around the globe, Lana recognized the growing desire among creatives to initiate conversations on making a difference and inciting change.  The idea to launch a collective facilitating communication, education and action was born. The long-term goal: to share conservation initiatives and stories, launch media campaigns via sponsored projects, and exchange knowledge to drive conservation on an international scale.

Creatives for Conservation focuses on three pillars: communication, education and action. By bringing together creatives from various disciplines, we intend to present a multitude of perspectives and spread our collective voice across different mediums.

Conservation is as much about humans, as it is about nature. Therefore, community is at the forefront of our stories and initiatives. Thereby, we are able to amplify our message and connect change-makers around the globe in a unified effort to make an impact on an international scale.

At Creatives for Conservation, we practice what we preach. In line with our values, all the content that we share and produce serves to further conservation initiatives. We ensure that all multimedia content that we publish has followed ethical production standards.

Creatives for Conservation is a collective movement born out of the passion to protect nature and wildlife. We leverage the power of community and storytelling to bring local messages closer to a global audience.
Lana Tannir
Our Values


All the content that we share, promote & produce is created ethically.​


We use our voices honestly to promote the welfare of the environment & wildlife.


Our members and contributors are treated equally & respectfully.​


We practice what we preach and live by our values.


We commit our energies towards the betterment of nature & its creatures.​

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