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We’re on a mission to protect all things wild.

Every day, up to 200 plant, insect, bird and mammal species become extinct. We all have a part to play in supporting the well-being of our environment and wildlife. At Creatives for Conservation, we believe in leveraging the power of creativity to create change. By bringing together creatives from various disciplines, we present an interconnected network of stories and perspectives. This allows us to spread our collective voice, share knowledge and take action across different mediums.

our mission

Creatives for Conservation strives to bring together photographers, filmmakers, journalists, & conservationists. Collectively, we aim to raise awareness, educate & take action to support conservation on a global scale.


Communication is great, but action is better. Our campaigns are grounded in visual media projects aiming to incite change. We bring conservation challenges in front of the right audiences to make a long-term impact.


Community is at the forefront of our work. It is the core of driving collective change. Discover inspiring conservation stories, valuable resources, and contribute towards making a difference by using your voice.

Featured Stories

Saving Pangolins with Wild & Free

As the world’s most trafficked animal, the pangolin is a victim of horrendous injustice and cruelty. A pangolin is poached every 5 minutes, while 125,000 pangolins are illegally traded each year. Staggered by this statistic, Geraldine Morelli supports pangolin conservation, rehabilitation and release in Asia and Africa with her UK-based charity Wild & Free.

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Seeds of Hope: Rural Women’s Assembly

The Rural Women’s Assembly links rural women together in a network all-over southern Africa. The aim is to advocate for them on a political level and train them in various fields. With the introduction of GMOs to South African farming, RWA has been an advocate for local farmer support, fair treatments and going back to local traditions of seed banks and agroecological techniques. Photographer Reto Steffen explores this initiative.

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The Mad Dogs of Madagascar

Recent findings have determined that 90% of Madagascar’s lemurs are endangered. Besides forest degradation, the population is also affected by non-native, invasive predators. Dogs and cats enter the forests in search of food, thereby damaging the fauna and killing endangered wildlife. Conservation photographer Patricia Seaton unveils an innovative project by Mad Dog Initiative, which strives to resolve this issue.

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Wildlife Conservation in Namibia

The majority of African species are under threat of extinction. The human-wildlife conflict, illegal poaching and trafficking, as well as lack of education are just some of the causes. Nature photographer, Romain Charrier explores the challenges of big cat conservation, as he embarks on a journey to Namibia in collaboration with the AfriCat Foundation.

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