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Unsere Mission ist der Schutz aller wilden Wesen.

Every day, up to 200 plant, insect, bird and mammal species become extinct. We all have a part to play in supporting the well-being of our environment and wildlife. At Creatives for Conservation, we believe in leveraging the power of creativity to create change. By bringing together creatives from various disciplines, we present an interconnected network of stories and perspectives. This allows us to spread our collective voice, share knowledge and take action across different mediums.

unsere mission

Creatives for Conservation bringt Fotografen, Filmemacher, Journalisten und Naturschützer zusammen. Gemeinsam wollen wir das Bewusstsein schärfen, aufklären und Maßnahmen ergreifen, um den Naturschutz auf globaler Ebene zu unterstützen.


Unsere Kampagnen basieren auf visuellen Medienprojekten, die zu positiven Veränderungen anregen sollen. Wir bringen die Herausforderungen des Naturschutzes an das richtige Publikum, um eine langfristige Wirkung zu erzielen.


Die Community steht bei unserer Arbeit an vorderster Front. Sie ist der Kern unserer kollektiven Aktionen und Projekte. Entdecke inspirierende Naturschutzgeschichten, wertvolle Ressourcen und trage mit Deiner Stimme zur Veränderung bei.

Featured Stories

On the Brink: Atlantic Puffins in Iceland

While not considered an endangered species, Atlantic Puffins are nevertheless facing numerous challenges in Iceland. Overfishing, pollution, climate change and even hunting have led to a population decline by 45.6% between 2003 and 2017. Marine biologist, science teacher and photographer Federico Facchin shares his encounters with this species and discusses the need to protect them.

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Conservation of European Forests

European forest ecosystems face various threats. Many of them originate from the management and exploitation systems in the past. However, numerous solutions are being applied in the current day to establish a balance between forestry and biodiversity. Ecologist and photographer Jeroen van Wijk reveals the challenges and solutions to conserve these forests.

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Saving Pangolins with Wild & Free

As the world’s most trafficked animal, the pangolin is a victim of horrendous injustice and cruelty. A pangolin is poached every 5 minutes, while 125,000 pangolins are illegally traded each year. Staggered by this statistic, Geraldine Morelli supports pangolin conservation, rehabilitation and release in Asia and Africa with her UK-based charity Wild & Free.

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Seeds of Hope: Rural Women’s Assembly

The Rural Women’s Assembly links rural women together in a network all-over southern Africa. The aim is to advocate for them on a political level and train them in various fields. With the introduction of GMOs to South African farming, RWA has been an advocate for local farmer support, fair treatments and going back to local traditions of seed banks and agroecological techniques. Photographer Reto Steffen explores this initiative.

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