Our Work - Creatives for Conservation
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Our Work

At Creatives for Conservation, we advocate for all things wild. Our work strives to increase communication, further education and incite collective action. We do this through our stories, campaigns and community.

Our Approach


We connect people by sharing the beauty and vulnerability of wildlife through photography, film, and multimedia projects. Through contributions from leading industry creatives and conservationists, we highlight powerful conservation projects to show how creativity can be used to incite change. 


With the help of our community, we aim to educate audiences about the challenges that wildlife faces in the current day. We believe that people care more about issues that they understand. Therefore, we provide resources  encourage the exchange of knowledge with the support of experts in the field.


Our storytelling projects serve to catalyse action & knowledge-sharing by bringing conservation challenges in front of the right audiences. Using targeted campaigns, we aim to impact policy-level changes, drive public outreach & shift mindsets nature conservation, wildlife protection & habitat conservation.

Our natural world is interconnected.

Nature, wildlife and humanity are all part of the puzzle that is our ecosystem. Conservation issues encompass numerous factors, which are at play with one another. To promote the well-being of wildlife, Creatives for Conservation focuses on three pillars, which connect environmental factors that contribute towards keeping our natural world in balance.

Habitat Protection

Wildlife Conservation

Community Support

Habitat Protection

Wildlife depends on their habitat for food, shelter and to raise their young. Destruction, degradation, fragmentation all reduce the chance of survival for a broad range of species. The first step to wildlife conservation is habitat protection. Creatives for Conservation focuses on supporting the protection and restoration of endangered environments locally and regionally.

Wildlife Conservation

According to a report of the UN (2019), over one million species are at risk for extinction. Poaching, culling, pollution, and climate change all contribute to the loss of biodiversity and disappearance of ecosystems. Creatives for Conservation engages in visualizing these challenges to a broad range of audiences to influence policy change and the protection of species under threat.

Community Support

Communities play an important role in the conservation of biodiversity, as well as the maintenance of native lands, habitats & heritage sites. Local development, education & social adhesion all contribute to the peaceful coexistence of humans & wildlife. Creatives for Conservation highlights community stories to drive systems enabling wildlife & communities to live side by side.

Get in Touch

We collaborate with creatives & conservationists across all disciplines dedicated towards protecting our planet. Contact us to contribute to our campaigns, share your project, collaborate with us, or simply just to say hi!

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