Jeroen van Wijk

Jeroen van Wijk

Jeroen van Wijk (The Netherlands, 1996) started photographing wildlife around the age of twelve. Finding wildlife required understanding of the animals’ patterns and behaviours, which is where his passion for ecology originates from. During his BSc and MSc studies in Forest and Nature Conservation at Wageningen University, The Netherlands, Jeroen improved his skills and knowledge to further understand wildlife and ecosystems. By combining scientific knowledge and photography, Jeroen aims to raise awareness of the beauty of nature and the need to conserve it.

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Conservation of European Forests

European forest ecosystems face various threats. Many of them originate from the management and exploitation systems in the past. However, numerous solutions are being applied in the current day to establish a balance between forestry and biodiversity. Ecologist and photographer Jeroen van Wijk reveals the challenges and solutions to conserve these forests.

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