Contributor Guidelines

Creatives for Conservation illustrates projects, stories and experiences of nature and wildlife conservation by photographers, filmmakers, journalists, and creatives. Our stories present the beauty and fragility of our wilderness, inspire others to protect it, provide insight into distinct wildlife species, communities or NGOs, and educate about current nature conservation challenges and opportunities. As a Creatives for Conservation contributor, we shine a light on your creative work and bring your conservation story in front of engaged audiences. 

Narrative & Style

Our stories are authentic, inspiring and emotional. Narrated from a personal perspective, they provide insight into a single topic, project or experience. The editorials are researched meticulously, to ensure an accurate scientific and cultural representation. Typically, the narrative arc includes:


  • A representation of the creative’s mission & purpose throughout the project or journey
  • The importance of the project towards nature and wildlife conservation
  • An introduction of relevant locations, wildlife and communities in the area
  • An illustration of key characters in the story
  • The depiction of encountered conservation issues, challenges and implemented solutions 
  • Personal anecdotes, learnings and takeaways from the project or experience


Content on Creatives for Conservation is delivered in long-form articles. All stories are complemented by visually-striking photographs to ensure powerful & effective storytelling.


Our stories focus on one particular project or topic related to nature and wildlife conservation. In particular, our editorials intend to reveal how creativity was used to bring awareness, educate or take action on a conservation challenge or issue. We’re looking for contributors whose work has one of the following objectives:


  • Demonstrates nature, wildlife or community challenges in distinct regions
  • Highlights a conservation project & the contribution of creative work towards the mission
  • Illustrates the art of visual storytelling in support of conservation missions
  • Reveals more about a particular wildlife species or environment
  • Shines a light on a collaboration with an organization that supports conservation efforts
  • Investigates solutions to wildlife and nature conservation in creative ways


Stories that provide our audiences with the opportunity to engage with or support a particular cause are especially relevant to us.


Powerful visuals are central to demonstrating conservation challenges and solutions. The majority of our contributors are visual storytellers. To become a featured contributor, we require a well-executed portfolio collection. For each editorial piece, we typically feature between 10-15 images. Contributors retain full copyright and control over all of their content.


As a Creatives for Conservation contributor, we provide full support in telling your unique story. Our team will help you structure your narrative, research your topic, optimize your editorial, and design a visually engaging experience. Our goal is to present your story to relevant audiences interested in nature and wildlife conservation. Contributions will be highlighted via our social media channels, cross-linked and promoted via online communications.


Becoming a featured contributor on Creatives for Conservation requires the submission of a story proposal or a personal invitation. We review all submitted applications in detail. Therefore, please fill out the application form with all the relevant information and materials that contribute towards your story.